Announcement from Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band

In preparation for the National Finals representing Yorkshire, as a band we found ourselves in a very difficult situation a week before the contest. 

One of our players received a positive covid result in the run up to the contest. Fortunately we found a player to replace them that could sign for us and commit to rehearsals, however during the contest preparation we were made aware there could be a discrepancy to the registration due to the timing.

We therefore knew there was a risk that the band would be penalised, however due to the band not playing in public competitively for 18 months, and the time and effort already committed to preparation, we collectively made a decision that we wanted to play as a full band and give the audience the best possible rendition of a great test piece in one of the most prestigious competitions. 

We respect all the other bands that managed to meet these rules and acknowledge that covid has likely impacted all bands in one way or another. We also would like to thank the registry for communicating with us promptly over the past week on this matter. 

We fully expect to appeal the decision and will keep the exact details private until it is appropriate. 

Whilst we feel the contest organisers were exceptional in setting up rules for the safety of everyone with regards to Covid, we hope this situation provides an opportunity to constructively discuss the registration rules for future contests, in what now is a pandemic society.  

More importantly, we thoroughly enjoyed being back playing today and we hope the audience and every one involved enjoyed the day as a whole. 

With best wishes to all involved,


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