Carlton Main Frickley Your ‘Mind’ Matters

Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band is part of a national initiative launched by Brass Bands England to save the many UK brass bands who are struggling to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic. Brass bands are a core of their local community, and many risk disappearing altogether without your help. 

As for all Brass Bands, 2020 has been a year where many people have had a huge part of their daily life placed on pause. Brass Bands aren’t just a hobby they are a Community where people build relationships that become as strong as Families.

In August 2020, Carlton Main Frickley joined forces with Mode for…Director, Tabby Kerwin to become Mental Health First Aid advocates with 4 members of the Band becoming certified as Mental Health First Aid Trainers. With the changes taking places in people’s usual lives due to COVID-19 including the loss of Brass Bands the impact on people’s Mental Health was becoming more and more important every day.

Working in partnership with Mode for…and organisations such as Mind and Mental Health First Aid England, Carlton Main would like to continue to build and spread the awareness and importance of people’s Mental Health both in a Music setting and all aspects of life.

As Brass Bands are still placed on pause Carlton Main would like to turn the attention to 2021 and projects to continue to support these fantastic causes. One of the main projects will be producing a CD where profits will be split to support both the Bands return and future, the Charity Mind and also funds towards supporting and assisting more people to become certified Mental Health First Aid Trainers.

If anyone can donate to help support our project we can only thank you so much and we can’t wait for to show you what we can do in 2021!


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